Teselon pure natural gourmet Oak Honey 250gr


Oak honey has a large amount of antioxidant properties, generally more than double that of other types of honeys. Oak honey has a capacity of approximately 66.80% of antioxidant potential compared to nectar honeys, which have an approximate potential of 28.70%.

Perfect food supplement to compensate for the low levels of iron and other minerals, it is highly recommended to combat anemia or to face seasons of stress or peaks of effort, both mental and physical. Highly recommended for athletes.

Our teselones are our 250 gram format, of 100% pure honey, of origin, direct from the hive to the table. A practical and convenient format, so you can try authentic pure honey in its different varieties. Teselones have come to sneak into your home and be consumed daily!


Color: Very dark amber
Aroma: Malty, roasted, very intense and persistent, with a floral component
Taste: Powerful flavor, sweet but with a consistent salty background
Touch: Tendency to have low and slow crystallization
Production area: Extremadura and Andalusia
Harvesting: End of summer – autumn.

Colour: Very dark amber. Aroma: Malted, toasted, very intense and persistent, with a floral component. Taste: Powerful flavor, sweet but with a consistent salty background Touch: Tendency to have a low and slow crystallization.

The 100% pure Tesela Honey, is collected in Extremadura (Spain), by experienced beekeepers of several generations, who know how to take good care of the bees, with care, love, respect and precision.

At Tesela Natura we are committed to offering consumers a honey with all the guarantees of purity, quality and origin, with the Food of Extremadura seal, but we also have a great commitment to the environment, we are very sensitized with the care of the environment and we know that bees are essential for the survival of the species due to their pollination work, necessary for the proliferation of most crops.

Functions and details

  • 100% Spanish origin.
  • 100% pure honey, without mixtures of any kind.
  • Quality certified by the Apinevada laboratory.
  • Ideal remedy for flu, colds and colds.
  • Perfect gift: exclusive and careful packaging to give health.
  • Good for people and good for the planet.

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Teselón 250gr