Teselon Pure natural gourmet Forest Honey 250gr


100% pure and natural Spanish honey.
Our honey is the result of incessant bees going back and forth between fields of various flowers
To use in cooking, to accompany cheeses and also with meat. Honey is not recommended for infants under 1 year old.

Our teselones are our 250 gram format, of 100% pure honey, of origin, direct from the hive to the table. A practical and convenient format, so you can try authentic pure honey in its different varieties. Teselones have come to sneak into your home and be consumed daily!


Colour: amber – dark amber.
Aroma: floral, with a clear malt component (toasted cereal), intense and moderately persistent.
Taste: Sweet, with clear salty notes. In the retronasal, the intensity and persistence of the malt increases.
Touch: non-existent or very slow crystallization.
Production area: The entire peninsula except the coastal strip; mainly in the mountainous massifs.
Harvesting: end of summer

Honey from the north of Extremadura, amber in color with reddish reflections, intense floral aroma and persistent flavor. It is rich in iron and mineral salts.

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Teselón 250gr