Pack Tesselons Gourmet pure natural honey 250gr


We present you the perfect option to try our main varieties of 250 gr teselones of pure honey: oak, eucalyptus, forest, milflores, rosemary, orange blossom. A perfect option to try them all!

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Thousand Flowers Honey

Colour: amber – dark amber.
Aroma: floral, with a clear and marked woody component, dry wood. Thousand flowers honey comes from several simultaneous blooms and has a highly variable color and flavor.
Taste: sweet with salty notes and, frequently, with bitter and acid notes depending on the area.
Touch: low crystallization tendency, except if accompanied by important Fabaceae (legumes).

Eucalyptus honey

Colour: light amber; sometimes, when it has some broom or heather, a little darker.
Aroma: wet wood, very intense and persistent.
Taste: sweet, with slight acid notes and, if accompanied by broom or heather (darker), slight salty notes. Increased olfactory sensation in the retronasal.
Touch: tendency to medium crystallization and fine crystals.
Production area: Extremadura.
Harvest time: Summer.

Forest Honey

Colour: amber – dark amber.
Aroma: floral, with a clear malt component (toasted cereal), intense and moderately persistent.
Taste: Sweet, with clear salty notes. In the retronasal, the intensity and persistence of the malt increases.
Touch: nonexistent or very slow crystallization.
Production area: The entire peninsula except the coastal strip; mainly in the mountainous massifs.
Harvest: end of summer

Oak Honey

Colour: Very dark amber
Aroma: Malty, roasted, very intense and persistent, with a floral component
Taste: Powerful flavor, sweet but with a consistent salty background
Touch: Tendency to have a low and slow crystallization
Production area: Extremadura and Andalusia
Harvest: End of summer – autumn.

Rosemary honey

Colour: light yellow.
Aroma: not very intense, medium persistence, floral with camphorous tones
Taste: sweet, generally without more, sometimes with slight acid notes. Nasal aromas increase.
Touch: fine crystallization if it is rich in almond, and thick if it is rich in dandelion.
Production area: Andalusia and Extremadura.
Harvest: late winter and early spring.

Orange blossom honey

Colour: light amber.
Aroma: floral, with a clear, intense and persistent component of methyl anthranilate.
Taste: Sweet, very characteristic flavor, soft and exotic, with very marked acid notes and different from the rest of the honeys with a clear, very marked acid component. Increased retronasal olfactory sensations.
Touch: slow crystallization and fine crystal
Production area: South of Extremadura, Andalusia and the Southwest coast.
Harvest: Spring

Tesela Honey 100% pure honey is collected in Extremadura (Spain), by experienced beekeepers of several generations, who know how to take good care of the bees, with care, love, respect and precision.

At Tesela Natura we are committed to offering consumers a honey with all the guarantees of purity, quality and origin, with the Food of Extremadura seal, but we also have a great commitment to the environment, we are very sensitive to caring for the environment and We know that bees are essential for the survival of species due to their pollination work, which is necessary for the proliferation of most crops.

Features and details

100% Spanish origin.
100% pure honey, without mixtures of any kind.
Quality certified by the Apinevada laboratory.
Ideal remedy for flu, colds and colds.
Perfect gift: exclusive and careful packaging to give health.
Good for people and good for the planet.

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