Gourmet pure natural honey Solar Edition gift box


The solar edition box is made of craft paper and contains 3 320-gram jars of premium honey obtained exclusively at Grupo ECO’s solar parks, with our exclusive hat box design with a snap. In addition, the set is contemplated with an olive wood stick.

On the outside of the box, a cardboard strip, also embossed, completes the design. Once the honey is finished, the beautiful and simple box can be used without its strip to store photos or memories, keeping only the bee logo and our motto inside: Good for you, Good for the planet.

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The 100% pure honey Tesela Honey, is collected in Extremadura and Andalucía (Spain), by experienced beekeepers of several generations, who know how to take good care of the bees, with care , love, respect and precision.

It is presented in an elegant and innovative format, consistent with its quality, in a cardboard box to complete the customer experience. Both for own consumption and to make a gift, this honey is an ideal option, good for health and for the environment.

At Tesela Natura we are committed to offering consumers a honey with all the guarantees of purity, quality and origin, with the Food of Extremadura seal, but we also have a great environmental commitment, we are very sensitive to the care of the environment and we know that bees are essential for the survival of species due to their pollination work, necessary for the proliferation of most crops.

Functions and details

  • 100% Spanish origin.
  • 100% pure honey, without mixtures of any kind.
  • Quality certified by the Apinevada laboratory.
  • Ideal remedy for flu, colds and colds.
  • Perfect gift: exclusive and careful packaging to give health.
  • Good for people and good for the planet.


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