Tesela Natura

Tesela was founded in Extremadura with the commitment to offer a product as vital as pure honey to consumers around the world, while generating environmental and social wealth.

Because COMMITMENT is the word that best defines the Tesela Natura project.

Commitment to the consumer. We offer a pure honey, of certified quality and origin, packed and sent directly from the beehives to your homes. Our wide network of beekeepers allows us to offer a varied range of honeys throughout the year.

Commitment to the environment. We are aware of the importance of bees for the survival of species. Their pollination work makes possible the development of plants in the world, but… they are in danger of extinction! “In our hands is their fate, and in their fate is our survival.” For this reason, at Tesela Honey we have the project of generating plantations and disposing of beehives in solar farm environments, “we create ecosystems where there were none before”.

Commitment to society. Rural depopulation is a fact that affects many of our villages. We want to help the small towns to stay alive and dynamic, we want to be a motor for the development of the emptied Spain and we have an action plan in collaboration with different town councils of the region for training and employment.



Tessellas are each of the pieces that form a mosaic. But also, in geometry, a hexagonal tessellation is a regular tessellation of the Euclidean plane formed exclusively by hexagons. It has a Schläfli symbol of t{3.6}

And what is a beehive? A set of honeycombs, formed by hexagonal wax cells that share common walls

In the beehive the bees work with precision and perfect organisation, to make the honey.

Tesela represents in the essence of its name: art, science and environment!